Cyber-zombies are dead living things that are remote controlled.

Beheaded FirecrackerEdit

An executed Sirian soldier, raised from the dead by Tah-Um and remote controlled by Life Control Unit. A firecracker carries his own head in one hand to recieve audio/visual information. He fires five magic missiles in succession from a low-power launcher implanted in the head.

Beheaded KamikazeEdit

Also an executed Sirian controlled by the LCU, the head of the Kamikaze has been ruined, so they are employed for suicidal attacks. They carry two bombs in their hands which activate within short distance to their target.

Beheaded Bomber Edit

Like the other cyber-zombie minions, the bomber is an undead soldier and carries his head in one hand to recieve audio/visual information. He has a large supply of inflatable bombs in his pocket.

Beheaded rocketeer Edit

This LCU controlled zombie fires one magic missile at a time from a low power hand held launcher.

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